Decorative arts and design

Bolysbaev Daulethan Seytmahanovich

Head of the Department,

the candidate of philosophy sciences, the senior teacher




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План корректирующих действий

 History of formation and development of chair "Decorative Arts and Design"

Since 1969 for comprehensive schools at Shymkent pedagogical institute began training of specialists of teachers on subject «Decorative arts and drawing». teacher training college the On physical and mathematical faculty opened" Decorative Arts and Drawing" chair, the senior teacher E. M Kan is appointed the chief of department. The first teachers were L.P Pavlovsky, L.F Zhilyakova, etc.

Leading experts from the highest art educational institutions invited to chair, among them were: Skorodin Yu.I., Pochukayeva Z.V., Lomakin Yu.I., Halmuratov Zh.I., Tastemirov K.T., Savostina L.M. and others.  Among the first graduates were Eralin K.E., Zagodenko Yu.I., Nikonov G. V. who remained teachers of chair same institute. Then the chair was renamed on "Art and graphic faculty", the senior teacher Kadeev I.U. directed.

Due to the change in structures of university the chair was renamed by "Drawing and painting", in 1996 the head of the department became Cand.Ped, Sci., associate professor Pavlovsky A.L.,  1999 -200y. – PhD Ped. Sci., professor Eralin K.E., from 2004y-Cand.Ped.Sci, associate professor Beysenbayev S.

By order of the rector for №. 880-L of 29.09.05y the chair was divided into two «Painting and Design» and «Decorative arts and drawing».

"Decorative arts and drawing" chair trains specialists of bachelors and undergraduates of the specialties "Decorative arts and drawing"

Since 2015 the chair “Design and Decorative Art” prepare specialties on: 5B042100-"Design, 5B041700- Decorative Art trains undergraduates 6M042100 – Design, 6M041400- Graphic Arts. Chief of department is appointed Cand.Ped. Sci., associate professor S. K Bisenbayev, Cand.Ped. Sci D. Zh Dzhakipova, Cand.Ped. Sci T.S Burkitbayev, Cand.Ped. Sci., senior teacher K.A Dzholdasbayev.

In 2015 "Decorative Arts and Design" and "Design and Decorative Art" chairs joined with  in one chair" Graphic Art and Design".

The Educational audience of chair answers with all requirement of higher education institution, there are sewing, jeweler masterful, computer classes equipment modern computer the program, there is a rich natural fund.

Teaching Staff of chair participates in all international and Republican art exhibitions.

At chair has the gallery Zhety Asar where students and TS of chair expose the their creative works.

Teaching staff of chair: The 29th teachers, from them, 1 – PhD. Ped. Sci., professor, 5-Cand. Ped.Sci., associate professor 1-honoured  activity, R. K 3 member of  UPRК, 10 member the unions of designers of RK,12 - of masters, 17 -senior teachers, 7- teachers.

Teaching staff of chair constantly participates at scientific conferences, publish scientific articles in collections of works teaching staff at university.

In members of exchange of experience and further international cooperation, contracts with higher education institutions of Russia, Uzbekistan, Korea, etc. are signed.

The department trains specialists in the following specialties:
Specialization: 5V0421100.01 - Architectural Design, Interior Design

5V042100.02 - Graphic design, advertising designer Specialization-
5V042100.04 - Costume Design, Specialization: Costume Designer

Prepare specialists with high aesthetic taste and design spasobnostyami.
Spetsialnost: 5V041700 - Ornamental art, Specialization: Processing and decoration of metal and other materials.

Prepare specialists working in the field of applied art of the jeweler.

Spetsialnost: 5V0100700 - Fine art and drawing trains teachers of fine arts and drawing.
Spetsialnost: 5V041300 - Art Work tvorchesimi painters

The department trains Masters in the following specialties:
Speciality: 6 M042100 -Design.
Prepare specialists with high aesthetic taste and design spasobnostyami and future teachers of the university.Speciality: 6M041300 - Paintings
Cooking painters working freely and university lecturer.

03.02.2016 y.  In Shymkent’s  museum of  «Art»  there was  exhibition  is dedicatel fo 25 years independence of  RK  and  anniversary  of   chair’s  professor  ‘Art and  designh’ of UKGU  named  after Auezov, member of  SHRK , actor of culture  RK  A.N. Aidosov. 

In 2016-2017 academic year k.philos.s, member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bolysbaev Daulet Seytmakhanovich "The best teacher of the university" in 2016.
For the first time, within the framework of the program "Modernization of Public Consciousness" in the gallery "Zhetyasar" of the Department of Fine Arts and Design, there was an exhibition of personal creativity "Student Exhibition-2017" for students of the PIK-15-10 group of the specialty "Painting", Tabilkhan Rena, Saidulla Ulzhan, Abdikerim Saltanat, Serikzhan Zhalyn. The head of the exhibition is Professor of the Department of Fine Arts and Design Aidosov A.