Cultural and social activity

The head of the department

Tleubaev Cerаli  Schabaevisch

Doctor of philosophy sciences., professor


Address: South Kazakhstan М.Auezov State University,Тajibayev street 2а, corps № 8

telephone:  8 (7252) 36-71-93

E-mail: Tleubayev 63 @

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General information

    The departament was created in 1967 to strengthen  the practical and professional training of cultural  and creative activities of Qualification.
    Humanitarian mission of the department - the preservation of traditions of national culture and spiritual values.
     Login- «Exploring Study. Studying Explore».
     In an undergraduate program 5V090600 – «Cultural and leisure work» produced for professionals working in the institutions of culture, art, in educational institutions, in the media. Their professional task - leisure, the population of highly creation of cultural leisure work, carrying information - cultural, aesthetic, ideological aims-ness.
     Bachelor cultural and leisure activities can exercise their profession in the field of culture, art, education, science and the media.
    The objects of professional activity are cultural institutions, art, creative centers, amateur, club associations, secondary and higher education institutions of culture, art, school and extracurricular institutions and the media.
      Since 1998, the department perpodavateli «Сulture - leisure activities» are members of the writing team of developers state education standards, master plans and model programs in «Cultural and leisure work» for bakalavrivta, master's and doctoral PhD, which is used by all the universities that train specialists of Profile for the Republic of Kazakhstan.
      Among readable disciplines - history and theory of cultural and leisure activities, artistic creation, image making, organization gaming entertainment, the basics of stage movement, metodika- sound, svetooformleniya, makeup art, elocution, acting, dramaturgy mass celebrations and performances, and many others.
     Since 2003, the Masters was opened specialty 6M090600 - Cultural and leisure activities, where undergraduates are trained annually on the grant set.
     The Department has Republican Training and Methodological Council in «Cultural and leisure activities». Powered Republican refresher course workers of culture and art, as well as university teachers of Kazakhstan in this specialty.
     Methodological Council on artistic creativity, national traditions, on the organization of national creativity, provide methodological, organizational and practical assistance in the establishment and development of activities interest clubs not only the city but also in South Kazakhstan Oblast and the Republic.
Databases of educational research and educational facilities are: regional drama theater. Zh.Shanina, the producer center LLP «South Action», «Action Acting», «Acting school»  Regional Library of childhood and youth kindergarten «Torzhan», Center of customs and ceremonies, the Public fund is «Intellect». And part of the classes are held at bases UNPK.
     In 2004 speciality was open 050905  «Social work», and on September, 1, 2010 on the order of №361 a city council was open on speciality 6М020400 is «Culturology» Series of АА 00000 42, 26.04.2006, 6М090500 is «Social work» of  AB №0137399 on the basis of RК  BVM 03.02.2010 for preparation of specialists after higher education.
        In September, 2015 to the department of «Cultural and leisure activities» was added by specialities «Culturology», «Social work». Changed the name  of department on «Cultural leisure and social activity».
Department staff
     Sci - the creative potential of the department is high enough, there are 2 doctors of sciences and 10 candidates of sciences, 4 professors. 1 People's Artist of Kazakhstan, 3 Honored Culture of Kazakhstan, 8 winners of international competitions and festivals, one possessor international степендии President RК «Bolaschak».
     Beneficial effect on the learning process has brought to the known classes of workers of culture and art. Teachers of the department are actively involved in all cultural events on the scale of the university, city, region and country.
    Teachers and studens of departament of Culture leisure activities In flow of year is constantly conducted subchief work at school №69  Envisaged after them g Schimkent  and in Cairam chil's house for  children of Orphans
    On november 18.2014 teachers of department of Culture leisure activities of UKGU to the name M. Auezova.
Conducted vocational orientation at school №69 in microregion  Friendly of g.Schimkent , where meeting was organized with graduating  students and informative materials are given away about university.
Student Life
       For communication studies with practical activities at the department created 4 student circles. This scientific - research circle «Іzdenіs» satirical theater «Кisyк Aina» KVN student theater «Shymshyma» as well as, a youth folk theater «Duman».
       Students of the department «Recreational Activities» annually participate in the Republican student subject Olympiad, where students of the department annually ranks first (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015). Speciality 5В090500 «Social work» ІІ, ІІІ place.
-Students of participating in international and national competitions, festivals and win prizes:
- Student t. PIC-12-15k2 Orynbasar A. –republic
- Student Competition «Abaydyң kara sөzderі» I degree diploma;
- Studentka gr.PIС-10-15r Zhuashbaeva G. Republican contest of songs "Arai 2013" diploma of the first degree
- Studentka gr.PIС-10-15r Zhuashbaeva G. V Republican contest pop songs, instrumental music, artistic and poetic creativity «Magnificat» diploma.
- Studentka c. PIC-10-15r Zhuashbaeva G. Republican annual Award «Samgau» diploma.
- Studentka gr.PIС-10-15r Zhuashbaeva G. International Festival Creative Youth «Shabyt». Certificate.
- Studentka gr.PIС-10-15r Zhuashbaeva G. V Republican contest pop songs, instrumental music, artistic and poetic creativity «Magnificat» diploma.
- Studentka c. PIC-10-15r Zhuashbaeva G. Republican annual Award «Samgau» diploma.
- Studentka gr.PIС-10-15r Zhuashbaeva G. International Festival Creative Youth «Shabyt». Certificate.
- Students c. PIC -12-15k2 Sүyіnov M. Republican contest recitation by a collection of lyrical stihotvo-rhenium F.Ongarsynovoy diploma of the second degree;
- Student folk theater «Duman» Republican Festival Student Theatre (Pavlodar) diploma of the second degree;
- Studentka c. PIC -10-15k3 Islambek A. Republican contest
     The MES graduation, graduation creative works specialties «chemical-technological and vocational education, the arts and services» diploma of the first degree;
- Studentka c. PIC -09-15k2 Tazhibaeva M. Republican contest
     The MES graduation, graduation creative works specialties «chemical-technological and vocational education, the arts and services» diploma of the second degree;
KVN «Shuyldaкtar» became champions of Kazakhstan in 2005.
In 2005 was created the satirical theater «Кisyк Aina».
Boranbaev Aidarkhan in 2008 won the Grand Prix «Tazsha ball».
-Student of group PIС-12-15К3 Bakber Altaiuli occupied II place in the regional contest of poets fmong young talents of the south edge.
 - Student of group  PIС-12-15к2  Kairbaeva Perizat I place for the best execution  in the genre of «Art of traditional song» of interfaculty competition «ЖАС ТАЛАНТ-2014» and «Winner of compeninion» by the faculty of public profession.
 - Student of group  PIС-12-15к2  Eckermec Nurbek II place for the best execution  in the genre of «Art of traditional song» of interfaculty competition «ЖАС ТАЛАНТ-2014» and «Winner of compeninion» by the faculty of public profession.
    Student of group  VPIС-12-15к2  Mucakul Y. III place for the best execution  in the genre of «Art of traditional song» of interfaculty competition «ЖАС ТАЛАНТ-2014» and «art of dance» by the faculty of public profession.
     Collective of theatre of childhood and youth «Бал өнер» became a laureate and II took the place in a municipal competition, and yet by a possessor  II places on the competition of organization of a stage raising between students under the name «Қазақстанның  қилы тарихы» devoted  to the 550year of the Kazakh khanate.
-Students of group PIC-12-15К3 Aschirbai N., PIC-13-15k3 of  Nuralieva А. departments of  «Сulture - leisure activities»  of participated in a competition «Бозбала мен бойжеткен» in Regional philharmonic society of .Sch.Каldaikova g.Schimkent. Got a certificate, diploma and money bonuses to the amount of 300 thousand tеnge
- Student of group PIC -14-15k2 departments of «Сulture - leisure activities» of Ricimov N. Won grand Prix and got a diploma by the competition - show of «Біз екеуміз бір болайық».
-Student of group PIC-12-15r Тuleeva  Еnlik  became the laureate of international competition of student works 2014 and got a diploma.
-Student of group PIC-12-15k2 Musakulov A,Bayankulov Y. сot a thank you letter from the Regional management of culture, 2015.
- Studentka c. PIC -12-15к2 Orinbasar A. I occupied  is a place and diploma in the republican student festival of young people, 2015.
-Students of group PIC-12-15К3 Aschirbai N., PIC-13-15k3 of  Nuralieva А. to participate in the Regional festival «Қозы Көрпеш Баян сұлу» of was occupied  by І - place and diploma was taken  the by І is a place and diploma, 2015.
-Сommand «Тәңірдің сыйы», «Сulture - leisure activities» of to participate is made  from a number the students of speciality   In a civilized manner in a competition  «Қазақтың қилы тарихы» project  «The Young historians», organized by Management of youth politics and development of languages ЮКО on  a faculty «Pedagogics and culture» and were the recipients of an award the diploma of II- of degree and money bonus.
- Student of group PIC -15-15К3 Макulbек Б.А participated in the event  of «Student time» , organized  by Regional education, Management of politics of young people of development of language UKО and  center of leisure of young People and recipient of an award a thank you letter.
Academic Mobility
    There is agreement on mutual cooperation in the provision of educational services with the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts of Moscow (gr.PIK 10-15r Swan-E), West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Utemisov. g.Oral (gr.PIK-11-15k2 Ulasbekova N. Kizatova A. gr.PIK-12-15k2 Aytкalieva N. Baкytova A., G. Кosbaeva), Kazakh State Women pedal gineering University Almaty (PIC-10-15k2 Ziautdinova F, Kozhaseytova A Baysymakova A Baysymakova A). And academic mobility among teachers with Moscow (Sadovskaya VS, Remizov VA, Sklar J., E. Tikhonov-  scientists MGUKI;
 Isataeva Z., Kamalova H, Saparowa Y A Nazanowa G-  scientists UKGU the name of M O Auezowa .
National Theatre «Duman»
     Organized in 2002 at the Department of Cultural and leisure activities.
     Participants of the theater is the teachers and students. 2008 decision atestattsionny commissions Ministry of Culture and Information of Kazakhstan was awarded the title of «National».       
    In May 2010, the theater was again confirmed the title of «People». By the day of the 65th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War of literary and compositional statement, «We have not seen war» received a nomination. Best arrangement, where was the chief director, People's Artist of Kazakhstan, Professor ES Urazimbetov.
     5- to 12 April 2014 in Pavlodar State Univer sity, was organized and held a festival of national amateur youth theaters where it was presented to play by Zsolt Almashuly «Tіrі Jean» who got 2nd place and the nomination «For the best statement».
      A student theatre  «Duman» got diploma in a nomination the "Best direction" on the republican festival of amateur theatrical collectives among young people and students (g. Pavlodar 2014).
      Teacher of department Schaliev А.B. (the artistic leader of student theatre «Duman» got a thank  you letter for participation on the republican festival of amateur theatrical collectives among young people and students (g. Pavlodar 2014).
      In May month 2015 year student  folk  theatre «Duman» participated in the festival of the Regional folk theatre devoted to  «70year of Great Patriotic war», «550 year to the Kazakh khanate», «Assembly of people of Kazakhstan» was occupied by 2 place and got a money bonus for raising of D.Isabekov "Тыныштық күзетшісі", where a stage-director-producer was senior teacher Emkulova А.I.
      Today in the repertoire of student theater productions as serious as «Aiman-Sholpan» (author - M. Auezov O); «Enlіk-Québec» (M.O Auezov) «Karakoz» (M.Auezov), «Hamlet» (William Shakespeare), «Goats Korpesh and Bayan Sulu» (GabitMusrepov); «The longest day lasts century» (C. Aitmatov) and others.
Our achievements
     In the educational process used innovative teaching methods: virtual labs, online tutorials, video lectures, business games. All this increases the level of mastery of the material and the quality of knowledge of students and undergraduates. Practitioners also conduct lectures and practical exercises in the form of conferences, round tables, presentations of individual projects students.
    Textbook Ph.D., professor E.O.Omarova «Korkemoner shygarmashylygy» in the Republican contest textbooks recognized as the best, and was awarded the diploma of 1 degree.
PUBLICATIONS LTD, PATIENT EDUCATION AND COUNSELING, ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD, ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOR, SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD, PUBLIC OPINION QUARTERLY OXFORD UNIV PRESS , Thomson Reuters, International Journal of experimental education,      Herald-MGUKI, Modern problems of science and education): k.p.n.professor Shulunova LI, d.p.n.professor Omar EO, k.p.n.professor  Kamalova NK Professor Urazymbetov ES k.p.n.dotsent Saparova YA, k.p.n.dotsent Isataeva Z.Zh., Djumagulov GS Azhibekova ZB, Zholdasbekov KA, J. Sihynbaeva.
 Ph.D., assistant professor Saparova YA - The holder of the grant «The best teacher of high school»    (2008).
     Ph.D., Professor Omar E. - The holder of the grant  « The best teacher of high school»  (2009).
    Ph.D., Associate Professor Nicholas Kamalova - The holder of the grant  «The best teacher of the university»    (2013).
   Senior Lecturer Zhumabai L.Zh. of Merit was awarded a diploma of the akim SKO A.Myrzahmetova.
   Senior Lecturer A.Ualihanova have been training on the Presidential program «Bolashak» in Moscow State University of Culture and Art.
Ph.D., professor Kamalova NK, Ph.D. Associate Professor Saparova Y.A MGUKI have been training in Moscow and Istanbul;
     People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professor and senior lecturer E.S.Urazymbetov Zhumagulov KD won the Grand Prix at the international theater festival.
    On results 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 year of специальность5В090600-  «Cultural leisure work»  on the national rating of specialities took the 1 place, speciality of 5В090600- «Social work» on results 2013 occupied 2 place.
    On results the different school year of UKGU to the name M. Auezova teachers became winners different to the nomination:
- head teacher Turdalieva Sch. Z.- the best teacher UKGU  2007-2008  school year;
 - the candidate pedagogical sciences, professor Shulunova L. I. -  it is the best professor UKGU  2008-2009  school year; 
- head teacher Sabekova A. S.-  the best teacher UKGU  2008-2009  school year;
- the doctor of pedagogical sciences., the professor Omar E.  E. - it is the best professor UKGU  2009-2010 school year;
- head teacher Ualihanova A.- the best teacher UKGU  2009-2010 school year;
- the candidate pedagogical sciences, professor Kamalova N. is the best professor UKGU  2011-2012 school year; 
-head teacher Absamatova E. A.- the best teacher UKGU  2011-2012 school year;
-head teacher Aljanova B.- the best teacher UKGU  2013-2014 school year;
       Associate professor of department Daribayeva R. D. on results 2009-2010 educational years was marked in a nomination the «Best associate professor of UKGU to the name M. Auezova». In 2010 on a 1 Forum of teachers-innovators for introduction in the educational process of modern information and innovative technologies Candidate of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor of Daribayeva R. D. encouraged by a thank you letter.
  In 2011 on 2 Forums of teachers-innovators  «Quality of education - as a factor of providing of competitively  of formation»  of UKGU to the name M. Auezova» for a nomination the «Best lesson» in pedagogical and humanitarian direction for busy a 1 place was conquered by candidate of philosophical sciences, assistant professor Zhiyenbekova A. A. was the recipient of an award a diploma.
    - The candidate of pedagogical sciences Saparova J. A., magistr Zhumagulov participated in a competition among  magistrs of diploma works and 2 took the place, got a diploma, 2015г .
    - The candidate of pedagogical sciences Saparova J. A. CONCORD (POPPY) is the International academy, intersubject journey and International Fidzhip federation «Scientific association and international society» a scientifically-cognitive turn of Parizh-Аnsi («Venice is in Alps») is a journey to Switzerland is Milan of –Lazhurni a bank of Italy and principality of France, Monaco are Nice – Lion is Paris.Certificate.
Turdalieva Sch. Z. secured candidate's dissertation for the candidate of pedagogical sciences, Russian FEDERATION Moscow, State university of culture and art, 2014.
     The doctor of pedagogical sciences., the professor Kamalova N. K., the candidate of pedagogical sciences, head teacher Azhibekowa Z. B. were the recipients of an award breast медалю «for labour merits to South Kazakhstan»
By a public fund for speciality «Social work» a productive complex «Prosperity» forms. Teachers, магистранты and students, can meet and discuss coming to a head questions and social projects.
     For active voice in a seminar «Development of possibilities of distribution of information on Kazakh about human rights in civil society» candidate of philosophical sciences, assistant professor Zhiyenbekova A. A.., financed by the ministry of culture of РК and Project of European Union, was the recipient of an award a deed.
For participating in the courses of «Right of man and conflicts» of Zhiyenbekova A. A.on behalf of the «Economic and civil center of education» a certificate was handed.
     For participating in a seminar - training «Methods works of social teacher with children, requiring the special attention» to the associate professor  certificate is handed Zhiyenbekova A. A.
Academic Life
   C 2012 teachers of the department are working on the state budget theme «Dynamics of formation and development of cultural and leisure activities in Southern Kazakhstan». Leader Ph.D. Professor Omar E.
     Teachers of the department has developed more than 59 textbooks and manuals, 21-ti electronic textbooks and 8 monographs. one monograph was printed in Germany, possessors are a more than 10 patent .On a department present 133 video cassettes and 75 DVD and 19 CD.
     The professorial teaching staff of speciality «Social work» for the attained achievements in educational methodical, research and practice and educator activity were encouraged by university administration of university.
      For forming of theoretical-practical and scientific bases for the students of speciality 050905 is «Social work» train aid and educational methodicalmanuals is produced by the associate professors of department of Daribayeva R. D. of «Basis of social work», «Regional cultural politics», Zhiyenbekova A. A. «Social gerontology» (2010), «Discharging» (2009), «Patronage and social work with the patronage head of family» (2011),  «Professional ethic bases of social work» (2010), by a senior teacher  Tolegenova К.К. is  «Introduction to  speciality», «Social adaptation and rehabilitation», «Organization of administration and management of social work» and electronic textbooks : «Social gerontology», «Social work abroad».
International links
     Work is underway to attract foreign scientists. There are paid services agreement with Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Tashkent State Institute of Culture. A.Kadyri, the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig. Federal Republic of Germany. In this area of work were involved scientists from the far (Doctor of Philosophy PhD Juergen Werner Wolfgang Asmus) and abroad (d.p.n.professor Sadovskaya VS d.k.n.professor Remizov VA to. bp Professor Tikhon GS, PhD, Professor Sklar IG) (g.Moskva.Rossiyskaya Federation).
We are proud of them
    High ratings of graduates of our department, they are always in demand by employers. Wide geography distribution and employment of our graduates. And how many among them are famous names!
This Nagima Eskalieva, Makpal Zhunusova, Marat Omarov, Rinat Gysin, Edward Malbec, Manap Kokenov, Lukpan Yessenov, Zamira Kasteev,Raihan Kalanova, Feruza Zholynbetova,Many Others,  Worked as the head of cultural-recreational facilities-cultural figures-is the star of the domestic variety.
Plans for the future
 Much attention is paid to the development of scientific and issledovatelnoy work. Have funds for research from the budget and grants. Planned increase in output of scientific, educational and - methodical literature, increase scientific human resources. Preparing documents for the opening at the Department of "culture and leisure activities" RҺd doctorate.
   In the view of the major role played: Ph.D., Professor EO Omar, Art. BK teachers Otarbayev, KE Turekhanov, G. Zhantileuov, B. Botha. In the crowd scenes played specified faculty and students of the department. Solemn ceremony ended with a big concert and fireworks. 7 first Winter Games Asian Games - 2011 held in our independent Kazakhstan. 14 January last relay in South Kazakhstan region. 60 torchbearers passed through the city. Among them were the teachers of the department, «Cultural leisure activity»» and students. Athlete Kazakhstan Chair «Cultural leisure and social activity»  wish high sports achievements.